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Bordeaux Wine Tasting: the ones that got away

Saturday evening (after I got back from Seattle: the Microsoft MVP Summit ) there was a major Bordeaux wine tasting event planned. My ex-neighbour Joe had initiated this, explaining that he had this bottle of Haut Brion that needed drinking. … Continue reading

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Summit Winter 2013

On Saturday I got back from the winter 2013 MVP summit at the Microsoft campus in Redmond. The summit is a great chance to talk to the Microsoft Excel teams and to meet up with other Excel MVPs. I also … Continue reading

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Formula References between Sheets versus within Sheets shootout: Which calculates faster and uses more Memory

I thought I would revisit the differences between formulas that reference other worksheets and formulas that only reference their own worksheet. Referencing other worksheets always used to be a memory hog, but so much has changed between Excel 2003 and … Continue reading

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Exploring Range.Calculate and Range.CalculateRowMajorOrder: fast but quirky formula calculation

The Range.Calculate methods are very useful additions to Excel’s other calculation methods (Application level Calculate, CalculateFull, CalculateFullRebuild and Worksheet.calculate: the missing one is Workbook.Calculate!). You can use the Range Calculate methods to: Force calculation of a block of formulas or … Continue reading

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