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Excel Screen-updating Performance Comparison.

The time that Excel takes to refresh the screen display can be a significant factor in overall processing speed. Things that affect screen updating Time My benchmarking workbook The workbook contains one sheet (Sheet1) with 4895 formulas and 1000 constants. … Continue reading

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Short-circuiting in Array Formulas

The previous post demonstrated that IF and CHOOSE short-circuit but IFS and SWITCH do not. But following up a hint from Bill Wu that IF behaves differently in array formulas I decided to check whether it still short-circuits.(IF in array … Continue reading

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Short-circuiting Excel Formulas: IF, CHOOSE, IFS and SWITCH

What is formula short-circuiting? Short-circuiting occurs in Excel formulas when an IF statement only evaluates the True part of the IF and skips the False part of the IF. For example in this formula: Because 1>2 evaluates to False the … Continue reading

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