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Manual Calculation No Longer Viral!

Excel has 3 basic calculation modes: Automatic, Manual and Automatic except Tables. But an Excel session can currently only have one Calculation mode (unless you are using FastExcel which allows open workbooks and their worksheets to have different Calculation Modes). … Continue reading

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Only Calculating the Active Workbook

When you have more than one workbook open Excel has always recalculated all of the workbooks at each recalculation. That can be very painful if one or more of the workbooks are slow to calculate. Now the Excel Dev Team … Continue reading

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Excel Screen-updating Performance Comparison.

The time that Excel takes to refresh the screen display can be a significant factor in overall processing speed. Things that affect screen updating Time My benchmarking workbook The workbook contains one sheet (Sheet1) with 4895 formulas and 1000 constants. … Continue reading

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Short-circuiting in Array Formulas

The previous post demonstrated that IF and CHOOSE short-circuit but IFS and SWITCH do not. But following up a hint from Bill Wu that IF behaves differently in array formulas I decided to check whether it still short-circuits.(IF in array … Continue reading

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Short-circuiting Excel Formulas: IF, CHOOSE, IFS and SWITCH

What is formula short-circuiting? Short-circuiting occurs in Excel formulas when an IF statement only evaluates the True part of the IF and skips the False part of the IF. For example in this formula: Because 1>2 evaluates to False the … Continue reading

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FastExcel Version 4 – with Introductory Offer

After several man-years of development and a lot of beta testing FastExcel Version 4 has finally hit general availability! FastExcel V4 is a major rewrite of FastExcel V3 and provides many of the things you have been asking for: Support … Continue reading

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Formula Explorer Pro Beta 4.2

After another 6 months on my quest to create the worlds best tool for exploring, validating, debugging and editing Excel formulas I have made Explorer Pro Beta 4.2 build 418.796 available. Hopefully this will be the final Beta! The improvements … Continue reading

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Excel JavaScript API Part 2: Benchmark of Read/Write Range Performance

As an Excel Office Developer many of the Excel based applications I develop depend on reading data from Excel worksheet ranges, processing it and then writing the processed data back to a worksheet. In VBA the way to do this … Continue reading

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Why Structured References are slow in Excel 2013 but fast in Excel 2016

Tables have a bad reputation for performance. Zack (Firefytr) Barresse (who wrote the definitive guide to Excel Tables with Kevin (Zorvek) Jones) recommends a limit of around 10K rows for tables if you want to keep performance reasonable. Prompted by … Continue reading

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Excel Versions Screen Test (Updated): how fast is Screen Updating?

Gurs has an interesting benchmark he has been running on various systems and Excel versions over the years. His results seem to show a massive performance decline in later Excel versions. Looking at his benchmark and its VBA code you … Continue reading

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