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The SpeedTools FILTERIFS function: Design and Implementation Part 1

Excel users have been using SUMPRODUCT and array formulas to create multiple-condition formulas for many years. This is a powerful technique, but can be painfully slow with large amounts of data. Pivot Tables and Excel 2013’s PowerPivot can provide good … Continue reading

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Pinot Noir Tasting: Old World 95 to 2004 versus New World 2006 to 2008

Some of you will know that I am a bit of a fanatic about Pinot Noir. Once you get hooked by the (often expensive) wine made from this grape everything else seems slightly second-best. Once or twice a year a … Continue reading

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Writing Efficient UDFs Part 12: Getting Used Range Fast using Application Events and a Cache

In the previous post I suggested that one good way to speed up retrieval of the Used Range last row would be to use a Cache and the AfterCalculate Application event. I have now tested this approach and it works … Continue reading

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Writing Efficient UDFs Part 11 – Full-Column References in UDFs: Used Range is Slow

Excel users often find it convenient to use full-column references in formulas to avoid having to adjust the formulas every time new data is added. So when you write a User Defined Function (UDF) you can expect that sooner or … Continue reading

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