Formula Explorer Pro Beta 4.2

After another 6 months on my quest to create the worlds best tool for exploring, validating, debugging and editing Excel formulas I have made Explorer Pro Beta 4.2 build 418.796 available. Hopefully this will be the final Beta!

The improvements are too numerous to cover in detail but come under these headings:

Improved Functionality Includes:

  • Full support for Dynamic Ranges, Linked Data Types and Rich Data Type Field expressions.
  • Integration with Name Manager Pro to explore and debug Named Formulas.
  • Explore Data Validation formulas, Conditional Format Formulas as well as cell formulas.
  • Support for formulas in 91 languages (thanks to Mourad Louha).
  • Resolved many Mac Excel issues.
  • Lots of bug fixes!

User Interface Cleanup

The previous user interface tried to present too much information
So I simplified, de-cluttered and made it more intuitive.


See my previous post on Explorer Pro for a comparison


Profiling the code showed several areas  that could be significantly improved. Some expensive operations such as coloring large precedent ranges are now optional.

Try it out yourself!

Watch the video Explorer 4.2 Overview

Download the Beta zip file

This build expires on the 31st of March 2019

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7 Responses to Formula Explorer Pro Beta 4.2

  1. sam says:

    The Download link is broken – says resource not found

  2. fastexcel says:

    Thanks Sam: i uploaded another build but did not change the link. I have fixed it to point to the website page to avoid this problem as I upload new builds.

  3. Ian Pearson says:

    A wonderful tool and it is saving me time already. One question though – when I use the Formula Explorer is there an option get the numbers in the source box to be displayed using the number format from the respective cell? It works for the result cell, but not the contributory cells below that.

    • fastexcel says:

      There is not an option to do that exactly but there is a setting for the number of decimal places – will have to look at the formatting code again to see if that fixes the source/results treeview as well as the array results box.
      I was getting the formatted cell for refs at one point but I also need the unformatted value to determine its type and decided that I did not want to take the performance hit of getting both the formatted and unformatted result. Maybe I should revisit that decision.

  4. Yury Suturin says:

    Downloaded this beta version, like it very much, really good for formula auditing. A couple of questions:
    1. I bought the license so do I need to download and reinstall the add-in or I can just enter the number somewhere? (It takes a while for our IT department file download clearance, not sure how I managed to download the beta version)
    2. Can I (or you) assign a shortcut to the often used features? I know I can use the default ones showing after Alt is pressed but they are kind of long ones so something shorter would be a bit more handy (Like Ctrl + w or Ctrl + Shift + WhateverIsFree)

    Thanks for your job

  5. fastexcel says:

    Formula Explorer has finally shipped as part of FastExcel V4 Manager Pro

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