Excel JavaScript API Part 5: The large numbers bug

There is currently (JavaScript Excel API set 1.4) a rather nasty bug when writing large integer numbers (anything larger than int32) back to a range.

30 January 2018 – API set 1.7 – this bug is still there!

The JS can correctly read these large numbers – it just silently gets the wrong answer when writing them back.

Testing what works and what does not work

I ran 5 tests:

  1. 9876543210 – a large integer
  2. 9876543210.0 – a large double that can convert to an integer
  3. 9876543210.1 – a large non-integer double
  4. ‘9876543210’ – a large number as a string
  5. “‘9876543210” – a large number as a string prefixed with ‘

The results were:

  1. 1286608618 – wrong
  2. 1286608618 – wrong
  3. 9876543210.1 – correct
  4. 9876543210 – gives a number but the string type has been ignored by Excel
  5. ‘9876543210 – correct – Excel treats this as string because of the ‘

Here is the test code:

async function run() {
try {
await Excel.run(async (context) => {
let sheet = context.workbook.worksheets.getActiveWorksheet();
let rng1 = sheet.getRange("A3");
rng1.values = [[9876543210]];
let rng2 = sheet.getRange("A5");
rng2.values = [[9876543210.0]];
let rng3 = sheet.getRange("A7");
rng3.values = [[9876543210.1]];
let rng4 = sheet.getRange("A9");
rng4.values = [['9876543210']];
let rng5 = sheet.getRange("A11");
rng5.values = [["'9876543210"]];

await context.sync();
catch (error) {

The Hacky Bypass

The real problem of course comes when you use JS to read a range and write it back but you don’t know what the range contains. If it’s a large integer your code is FUBAR.

The only current bypass is to loop through the range values, test for large integers and convert them to string by surrounding with ‘.


I sure hope this gets fixed soon!

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