2016 Microsoft MVP Summit, Part 1

I was privileged to attend the 2016 Microsoft MVP Summit in Redmond November 6-10 along with many other Excel MVPs.

We had some great sessions with the Excel and the Office Extensibility Product teams, and I have to say that IMHO some of the things they are working on (a few years out) are fairly revolutionary. Much as I would love to tell you all about it, I cannot – strict NDA applies.

Of course the Summit is also an opportunity to meet up with many old and new MVP friends (Thanks to Boriana for sharing this photo):


From Left -to-right by row in reverse ragged row order:

Ingeborg Hawighorst, Brad Yundt, Heidi Enho.
Charles Williams, Jacob Hildebrand, Boriana Petrova, Mynda Treacy.
Jon Acampora, Zack Barresse,  Bob Umlas.
Ken Puls, Jon Peltier, Frederic Le Guin, Roger Govier.
Henk Vlootman, Jan Karel Pieterse, Bill Manville, Kevin Jones.

This years mystery picture is the well-known  Excel Jedi Master with added beer:


I don’t think this needs many guesses …

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