The Amsterdam Excel Summit


A Unique Opportunity

Dear Excel lovers,

Is Excel the first and last application you use every day?
Do you want to improve your Excel skills and get first-hand knowledge from the absolute best Excel experts in the world?
Then this unique event is for you.

The Amsterdam Excel Summit

Worldclass Excel Experts

An absolute unique group of Excel MVP’s will gather in Amsterdam to share their expert knowledge with you. The Excel MVP’s happen to be in Amsterdam for a meeting and we’ve succeeded in getting some of them to present at our event. There is not much chance on this happening again anytime soon, so make sure you register!

My own session will (of course) be about speeding up Excel calculations:

How to make Excel Calculate Your Workbooks Faster

  • Excel’s smart calculation engine
  • The impact of Volatility and Multi-threading
  • Fan-out and Short-circuiting
  • User-defined functions and Array formulas
  • Lookups and SUMPRODUCT
  • Finding Calculation bottlenecks
  • Golden Rules for Faster Calculation

So come along and:

  • Ask questions and get answers from the assembled Excel gurus
  • Meet like-minded Excel Geeks
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7 Responses to The Amsterdam Excel Summit

  1. Colin Legg says:

    Reblogged this on RAD Excel and commented:
    The Amsterdam Excel summit has been scheduled in May. It’s going to be a fantastic event – I look forward to seeing you there!

  2. Thanks Charles. Looking forward to the event!

  3. Only two days left to register, we’re closing registration tomorrow, May 6th!

  4. thehosblog says:

    Hello Charles, it was a pleasure to join the Summit and to learn from you. Your Add-In FastExcel is a really good helper. I hope, you enjoyed your trip to Amsterdam. Thank you and best regards, Andreas

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