SpeedTools Beta 3 – Win a SpeedTools Coffee Mug and SpeedTools License

FastExcel SpeedTools Beta 3

FastExcel SpeedTools Beta 3 is a state-of-the-art set of tools to help you speed up calculation of slow Excel workbooks.

Download the 30-day trial of FastExcel SpeedTools Beta 3

Download the SpeedToolsHelp file.
(you may need to unblock the downloaded .CHM file – Right-Click->Properties->Unblock)

Win one of 20 exclusive FastExcel SpeedTools coffee mugs plus a free SpeedTools License for the best 20 Beta Test reports submitted before the end of March 2013

The mug will look something like this!

Send your Beta Test reports to Charles@DecisionModels.com

Good beta test reports include the following:

  • Windows Version used
  • Excel Version used
  • SpeedTools functions tested
  • Bugs found (include enough information to enable duplication)
  • Positive and negative comments (likes & dislikes)
  • Documentation & Help file problems

You can also post in the SpeedTools Beta Test Google Groups Forum

Supercharge Excel’s calculation engine with SpeedTools

With FastExcel V3 SpeedTools you can calculate what you need, when you need, faster:

  • 90 Powerful faster-calculating functions to unblock your calculation bottlenecks.
  • New Calculation methods and modes give you greater control of calculation.
  • FastExcel V3 high-resolution timers so that you can accurately compare and contrast the calculation performance of your formulae, UDFs, worksheets and workbooks.

Choose just the speed up components you need with 4 separate SpeedTools products;

  • Or from the Toolbar in Excel 2003 and earlier:

Supports Excel 2013 and previous versions

  • Fast Multi-threaded calculation with Excel Versions 2013 64 and 32 bit, 2010 64 and 32 bit, 2007
  • Excel 2003, 2002, 2000 also supported
  • Fast calculating functions written in C++ using the XLL interface
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP

Want to know more?

Download the SpeedToolsHelp file
(you may need to unblock the downloaded .CHM file – Right-Click->Properties->Unblock)

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19 Responses to SpeedTools Beta 3 – Win a SpeedTools Coffee Mug and SpeedTools License

  1. jeff Weir says:

    Never mind the free licence…that mug is compelling enough. In fact, never mind the beta testing…can I just buy a mug off your site? 😉

    I downloaded and installed the file, and got an error ‘Attempted to read or write protected memory’ when I restarted Excel. See http://screencast.com/t/I8Ghfv5SXG1

    Clicked OK, and Excel started ok. Can’t see anything in the ribbon relating to FastExcel. It is showing up as enabled in the ‘Manage Excel Add-ins’ box.

    Running Windows 7 and Excel 2013. Will restart computer and see what happens.

  2. jeff Weir says:

    Restart seems to have helped…now I notice some SpeedTools items in the ribbon under the Formulas tab. Not sure if they showed up before the restart or not…I might have missed them.

    I’m not getting any info on function arguments from either the function wizard or from the box that usually appears when you type a function directly in the worksheet. Is that as you would expect?

  3. fastexcel says:

    Could you try re-installing? You should be getting info on function arguments from the function wizard (see SpeedTools Help)
    Also check what licensing status shows: Formulas->SpeedTools Calc Settings->SpeedTools Settings->Show License status

  4. jeff Weir says:

    Tried reinstalling but didn’t make any difference. Licence status says 30 days remaining.

    Will try installing on a 2nd machine and see if it makes any difference…although that 2nd machine has different OS so won’t be a fair comparison.

  5. fastexcel says:

    So what do you get if you try a simple test =PAD.TEXT(“z”,”fred”,8)

  6. jeff weir says:

    Just loaded the beta on my 2nd pc, running windows 8 and Excel 2010. Simple test above works fine.

    Explanations with regard to arguments shows up in the Functions wizard, although if you say type ‘Match’ into the “Search for a function” box in the function wizard it will not return any of your new functions in the “Select a Function” result pane.

    Also, if you don’t use the function wizard and instead just go into a cell and type say “=amatch2(” then it does not offer any info on the arguments.at all. It does not even tell you how many arguments there are. The function works fine, but you have to know what the arguments are.

    Sorry, can’t provide screenshots just now. Will load snagit on this pc and send some soon.

  7. jeff weir says:

    Here’s some screenshots.
    Here’s what happens if I search for MATCH functions:
    You can’t see all the results in this shot, but your functions are not in the list.

    However, they DO appear in the list if I view by category:

    And I get good info on function arguments from the wizard:

    THey do show up in the list if I enter the function name right from the spreadsheet:

    …although I get no info about function arguments that way:

    …compared to Excel’s native MATCH function:

    Is that as intended?



  8. jeff Weir says:

    Actually the installs on both machines are as above. Not sure if a restart on the first machine did the trick, or whether it was user error. So apart from no descriptions when entering these formulas in-cell, all seems good.

    • fastexcel says:

      Excel does not allow you to create in-cell screentips for UDFs or to include in search.
      So I tried to make life easier by adding the SpeedTools Function Library Tab – click a SpeedTools function category icon of the Formulas tab and choose a function from the list – SpeedTools wil start entering the function and trigger the Function Wizard

      • jeff Weir says:

        Ahh..that explains everything. Issues due to my lack of knowledge of what to expect, and not your fine product. . You know what…I didn’t even notice that particular tab in the ribbon till now. I’m so used to simply ignoring the rubbish that MS populate the ribbon with (particularly the formula tab) , that I must have skipped right over it. Sorry Charles…I’m not much of a beta tester. More of a lowest common denominator 😉

  9. fastexcel says:

    jeff, No thats excellent feedeback – probably I need to add something that pops up an explanation the first time SpeedTools is Launched

  10. Jeff Weir says:

    Hi Charles. One thing I’ve noticed is that if I don’t have Excel open, and I double-click on an Excel file in Windows Explorer, then Excel launches and I see the ‘Choose SpeedTools Licence Actions’ dialog., which has “Continue Trial” selected.

    If I click OK, then it dismisses the dialog, but the file I originally tried to open doesnt load. Not sure if this is due to your app, or whether this was happening on my PC beforehand, but thought I’d mention it. It’s pretty minor.

  11. Jon says:

    With UDFs you can push Ctrl+Shift+A after you write the name of the UDF in a cell and it will show you the parameters that go with the UDF.

    FYI if you didn’t already know.

  12. Petros says:

    Excel 2013 has a native ISFORMULA() function
    Is there any conflict with fastExcel ?
    I can see 3 identical choices in formula intellisense

    • fastexcel says:

      I had forgotten about that! Looks like Excel 2013 always chooses its version of IsFormula rather than the SpeedTools version.
      But perhaps I should change its name to HasFormula() …

  13. How to find “MEMLOOKUP” formula in excel2007. I did many times but not reflect in my ms-excel. can anybody suggest me? How to get it.

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