2012 MVP Summit

Every year Microsoft hosts the MVP Global Summit at the Microsoft campus in Redmond. Over 1500 MVPs from all around the world meet up with the Microsoft Development teams to discuss whats new and to share technical solutions and problems with each other.

The Microsoft Campus is a collection of buildings (over 70?) sprawled over a large site in Redmond. Fortunately they run an excellent bus service fanning out from the central transportation hub to the buildings.

There was a good turnout of Excel MVPs (about 25 out of the worldwide total of 85) and it was great to meet up with both old acquaintances and new Excel MVPs. We spent the week discussing amazing things like (redacted, redacted, redacted and redacted) with the Excel dev team, and having a great time hanging out at the Excel favourite place (Rockbottom).

Anyway enough chat: here are some snaps –

Left: Roger Govier, Bob Umlas, Brad Yundt Right: Andy Pope, Ken Puls, Bob Phillips, Jan Karel Pieterse, Dick Kusleika, Roger Govier

Ken and Dee Puls, Tom Urtis

Brad Yundt and Frederic Le G

Jan Karel Pieterse, Katherine and Bill Manville, Dee Puls,
Andy Pope, Ken Puls, Mike Alexander, Jon Peltier, Dick Kusleika, Jerry Latham


Ingeborg Hawighorst (Teylyn) , Andy Pope and Ken Puls

Zack Barresse watches Jan Karel Pieterse in action

Ken Puls, Mike Alexander, Roger Govier, Andy Pope, Bob Phillips, Jon Peltier, Dick Kusleika, Patrick Matthews

Kevin Jones (Zorvek) , Chris "Smitty" Smith, Zack Barresse, Jan Karel Pieterse, Mike Alexander

Raising a glass in memory of Nate Oliver: Crystal Long, Duane Hookam, Jane karel Pieterse, Mike Alexander

And finally the Photo Quiz: Where exactly is this famous landmark situated?

Yes it IS this way up.

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10 Responses to 2012 MVP Summit

  1. Jim Cone says:

    Location: Seattle Public Market?
    Pictures: Thank you for posting them.

  2. Colin Legg says:

    Great photos, thanks for sharing them with us, Charles.

  3. Misange says:

    Whish I was there. Always a pleasure to see some pictures. thanks for sharing !

  4. xlrocks says:

    About the quiz, what accuracy do you need for the GPS coordinates?
    Great photos and some smiling faces I remember from London. Hope you had a nice time and better wheater than I met in UK.
    Still no spring outside my window😦
    Reagards /Rickard

  5. Rickard,
    Accuracy: I was looking for enough information to be able to find it:

    GPS coords or directions or even just City, Streetname and building number.

  6. Charles says:

    So encouraging to see my linkedin group mates here in the photos. With you all in spirit. Make Excel Great. We are following.

  7. George Lungu says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for posting.

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