UK Excel Developer Conference: London January25

Simon Murphy (AKA Smurf) has organised another one-day conference for UK Developers in London on January 25.

The last one was a great chance to learn some awesome stuff, meet some fellow Excel developer geeks and consume some beer, and this one promises to be even better

The agenda is here (subject to change of course), and you can sign up here. (its an absolute bargain at £200).

My session is called VBA to C : Pratfalls and Perils

15:30 – 16:30 VBA to C : Pratfalls and Perils
– Stories based on a c++ newby’s efforts to convert 10K lines of VBA UDFs to
C++ XLLs.
– Demonstrations and examples using Visual Studio 2010 and Planatech XLL+

If you want to know why I embarked on this somewhat perilous journey see my post on UDF Technology choices.

The idea of this session is very much to approach C++ XLLs from the viewpoint of a VBA developer.

I aim to start with some simple UDFs, then cover some of the more idiotic mistakes that I keep making,
and progress to slightly more sophisticated stuff that demonstrates how to use some of the XLL+ wizard features.

If there is time I will show how relatively easy it turned out to be (once I figured out HOW) to do multi-threaded UDFs with shared memory …

So sign up and come along for a great time and some really interesting and important stuff!

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4 Responses to UK Excel Developer Conference: London January25

  1. ross says:

    looking forward to this one Charles! See you there.

  2. Hi Ross,
    Should be a good day. At the moment I am starting to think that I should start actually preparing this session quite soon!

  3. xlrocks says:

    Great job Charles!!

    You were a little bit of making us all uncertain, in the beginning… Errors window where in the heck is it???
    But after a while we felt so comfortable about how your idea was making us all feel, what you felt!
    There is just one word, brilliant presentation!!


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