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Timing the Ins and Outs of User Defined Functions: Multi-Cell array formulas can be slow

I was looking at some multi-cell array formula UDFs with John and Rich and could not understand why they seemed so much slower than I expected. Each UDF (written as C++ XLLs) read data from around 200 cells using around … Continue reading

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Getting Used Range in an XLL UDF: Multi-threading and COM

In two previous blog posts I discussed why handling whole-column references efficiently in VBA UDFs meant that you had to find the used range for the worksheet containing the whole-column reference. The posts also discussed how using a cache for … Continue reading

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FastExcel V3 Released with Introductory Offer

FastExcel has been used successfully by thousands of users since it was first launched in 2001. The last version 2.4 was introduced in 2008 and since that time there have been major changes to Excel with Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013, … Continue reading

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Threading and Hyper-Threading: Optimizing Excel Calculation speed by changing the number of threads

I have just implemented measuring multi-threaded calculation efficiency in FastExcel V3 Profile Workbook: so I thought it would be interesting to see the effect on calculation speed of varying the number of threads, and switching off hyper-threading. Hyperthreading Almost all … Continue reading

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Excel 2013 SDI Bug: “Calculate” in Status Bar strikes again

In the old days (I’m talking Excel 5 to Excel 2003 here) there was a worrying situation you could find yourself in where, no matter what you did, Excel would show you “Calculate” in the statusbar. Even when actually nothing … Continue reading

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Finding out if a function is Volatile or Multithreaded using VBA: UDFs for UDFs

Part of my new Profiling Formulas and Functions command requires the code to determine whether a Function is  a native built-in Excel function, or an XLL function, or some other kind (VBA, Automation). And I also want to know if … Continue reading

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Formula References between Sheets versus within Sheets shootout: Which calculates faster and uses more Memory

I thought I would revisit the differences between formulas that reference other worksheets and formulas that only reference their own worksheet. Referencing other worksheets always used to be a memory hog, but so much has changed between Excel 2003 and … Continue reading

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Exploring Range.Calculate and Range.CalculateRowMajorOrder: fast but quirky formula calculation

The Range.Calculate methods are very useful additions to Excel’s other calculation methods (Application level Calculate, CalculateFull, CalculateFullRebuild and Worksheet.calculate: the missing one is Workbook.Calculate!). You can use the Range Calculate methods to: Force calculation of a block of formulas or … Continue reading

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Parsing Functions from Excel Formulas using VBA: Is MID or a Byte array the best method?

As part of extending the performance profiling abilities of FastExcel, I wanted to develop a Function Profiler Map. A key component of this is to extract the names of the functions embedded in Excel formulas. So I experimented with some … Continue reading

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I just added some options to the SpeedTools LISTDISTINCTS functions that make them surprisingly powerful. You can now easily find the most frequently occurring item in a list, or find the item with the largest sum or average of a … Continue reading

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